ATyS t M

Otomatik transfer şalterleri
40 ile 160 A arası

ATyS t M and ATyS g M are three-phase (4P) automatic transfer switches with positive break indication. The ATyS g M is also available in 2P for single phase applications.

The ATyS t M and ATyS g M both include ATyS d M functionality together, with an integrated controller for automatic transfer dedicated to mains/mains applications (ATyS t M) and mains/genset applications (ATyS g M). They are intended for use in low voltage power supply systems where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.


Fast commissioning

ATyS t M and g M transfer switches offer significant time saving during commissioning (the process takes 2 to 3 minutes). Thanks to the design that allows commissioning through just one potentiometer (4 on the ATyS g M) and four DIP switches, a screwdriver is all that is required to configure the parameters.

ATyS g M: specifically designed for mains/genset applications

The ATyS g M integrated controller has been designed to provide specific functions for these applications (genset startup, tests on load...) together with the monitoring of the voltage and frequency of both sources forthree-phase and single-phase networks.

ATyS t M: specifically designed for mains/mains applications

The ATyS t M integrated controller has been designed to provide all the functions necessary for these applications (operation with or without priority, preferred source selection) together with the monitoring of the voltage and frequency of both sources for three-phase networks.

Secured configuration settings

In order to prevent any risk of unintended change to the configured settings, a sealable cover is available as an accessory.



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